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 BIOMATE Implant Academy Institute


Biomate Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd


BIOMATE Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd. is an implant manufacturing and sales company based on academic research, clinical demand for production, and patented technology as the backing. Since the company established, we have continuously improved our equipment, expanded our professional talents and cooperated with academic institute and hospitals to provide a safer and functional implant for dentists around the world. Moreover, we established a dental implant research and educational training center to promote worldwide implant training courses, which provides a complete educational system for dental professionals around the world and share the latest information and knowledge of dental implantation.



About IAI


BIOMATE IAC (Implant Academy Center) expanded its global service scope in 2018, and changed its name to Biomate IAI - International Implant Academy Institute, which is established for training implantation dentists. As an advanced implant research and educational center, we invite the top clinical speakers to train the attendee by hands-on class, lecture, and seminar with professional training material. Simultaneously, Biomate collaborates with academic institutes to conduct the research of dental implant, hoping that we can make the biggest contribution in the field of oral implantology.




Issue professional training certificates after the trainee pass through all of training course. Biomate IAI or the national hospital, medical university will issue a professional training certificate attesting that the trainee is qualified with all of oral implatalogy related training courses.



Become a IAI member


IAI members can enjoy a variety of benefits and services:
Register as a member on the IAI website (www.biomate-iai.org). The higher level of membership, the more benefits and services you can enjoy.
1. You can get tuition privileges when you attend the IAI training course.
2. Advanced dental implant lecture video can be viewed in according with different attribute, and the materials and videos can be viewed in conjunction with the course.
3. The more video you watch, the higher level you will be, and the more learning point you will get.
4. You can exchange the learning point for the products of Total Solution from any Biomate distributor.

  1. In addition, there is opportunity to visit the dental implant center of hospital in Taiwan and to participate training course.



Professional Lectures

Physicians with bound experiences or exclusive techniques in the field of implant dentistry as lecturers.



Systematically Implant Educational Courses

Provide hands-on lesson for physicians to learn and get used to Biomate implant system while learning.



Continuous Technical Support and Training

Provide professional surgery assistance and training lessons for surgical assistants continuously.